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Dentist Brisbane

Welcome to Albany Dental, Your Dentists in Albany Creek, Brisbane

Our staff at Albany Dental care more than just your teeth! Contact us on (07) 3264 9590 to book your appointment.

We understand that choosing a new dentist and dental healthcare team can be a challenge. Instead of lecturing you about teeth, we listen to you and help you understand your choices. We give you enough information to make your own decisions about what you want from us, for your mouth and for yourself.

So, your first choice is to decide if we are the dental health care team for you.

We are a small general dental practice. Whilst we cannot be everything to all people, we believe our purpose is to help you be as healthy as you can and enhance the quality of your life. We believe in preventing pain, disease and dysfunction.

Dentists have a unique position in healthcare because we deal with dental health.

To achieve this, we base your visits on a program of preventive care, and aim to get you away from discomfort and damage of tooth decay and gum disease. We call this Smilecare.

If therapeutic treatment is required, minimum intervention techniques and longlasting bonded cosmetic materials are used to improve function and appearance. This is what we call being a Smiledentist.
Our staff take pride in our trustworthy reputation and word of mouth recommendations.

When our team in Albany Creek have to provide dental treatment, we want it done as well as today’s technology can achieve. We don’t want you to have any problems so we don’t recommend methods or materials that are substandard, and we wont advise you to take short-term solutions. We want you to have dentistry that looks great, feels good and lasts a long time.

We don’t use amalgam. Albany Dental can restore teeth immediately with biocompatible,
long-lasting ceramic fillings made with our CEREC milling machine. We also utilise an internationally recognised Ceramists for our cosmetic dental implants, crowns and veneers.

Because our Albany Creek dentists are focused on health maintenance, we have an experienced Dental Hygienist to manage our world-class smilecare program.

We are proud to stand by the quality of our service, pervading our choice of the best in staff, materials, equipment, dental laboratories and standards of procedures.

Jaw joint problems, sleep disordered breathing and headache prevention … Come and ask us!

We are a referral based practice and appreciate the compliment of trust that you extend to us when you recommend our service to your family and friends. Thank you for letting us be of service to you by choosing your dentistry at Albany Dental Centre.

Your Albany Creek Dentists close to Aspley and Chermside:

Albany Dental covers Brisbane’s CBD, Inner and Northern Suburbs including: Aspley, Chermside, Ashgrove, Charlotte, Spring Hill, and Kelvin Grove. Contact our team on (07) 3264 9590 today!

Members First Provider for:

  • BUPA Members First Provider
  • HCF
  • Nobel Dentist affiliated
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