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Cosmetic Dentist Brisbane

You don’t have to let discoloured, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth stop you from smiling. At Albany Dental, our skilled and caring dental team can help you restore the appearance of your teeth. Please feel free to contact our team on (07) 3264 9590 to arrange your smile consultation.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of your smile and how your teeth look, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about appearances. Cosmetic dental treatments can also enhance the functionality and durability of your teeth, so there is often an overlap between cosmetic dentistry and other forms of dentistry.

Our cosmetic dentists prioritise our patients’ well-being, so that means we’ll work with you to achieve your cosmetic goals, while advising you on the best options for your overall oral health. This way, our patients are ensured a smile that is both beautiful and healthy.

Cosmetic services in Albany

There are a number of cosmetic treatments available at Albany Dental, so read on to find out more about available options, or simply contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

If your teeth are stained or have any discolouration, our professionals can help you brighten your smile with Zoom teeth whitening. We regularly have offers to help make your Zoom whitening treatment more affordable than ever. Click here to find out more about your whitening options and our special price at Albany Dental.

NOTE: Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental service, but the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has warned against undergoing whitening at the hands of untrained professionals.1 Some companies and products promise to make patients’ teeth whiter, but can potentially cause both temporary and permanent side effects that may compromise your oral health. As such, it is almost always advisable to have a professional dentist assess your teeth before undergoing whitening treatments. This is the best way to ensure that your treatment is both safe and effective.

Broken or missing teeth can dramatically alter your smile and even cause other dental problems down the road. CEREC restorations are one of the most effective restoration procedures available. CEREC looks and feels like a natural tooth, while remaining durable and long-lasting. This new technology means patients can receive a ceramic restoration in one dental appointment, instead of waiting for several weeks and needing to come in for multiple visits.

Want to find out more about CEREC restorations? Click here or contact us for your consultation.

Dental Implants* are a great example of the overlap between restorative and Cosmetic dentistry. If you have missing teeth or use dentures, you may be self-conscious about the gaps in your smile. You may have trouble eating or speaking – or maybe you’re just tired of using dentures! Regardless of your circumstances, dental implants can be a solution for eligible patients.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, and using the latest dental technology, they are securely fastened to your jaw bone. Over time they will begin to meld with the organic tissues of your mouth and jaw. You can learn even more about implants here.

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Some patients want to enhance the look of their teeth, but aren’t sure which treatments are appropriate for them. By scheduling an appointment with us, we can sit down with you and listen to your goals and concerns. From there, we can help you understand the best treatment plan for you, and may even be able to use computer imaging to give you an idea of your results beforehand.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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