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Tax tips: Claim back your dental expenses

Now that this year's tax time is getting close, it's a good opportunity to think about your financial activities to date. For most people, this will involve arranging their personal tax refund, but did you know you could claim back some of your dental expenses as well? However this scheme is current... Continue reading

Tags:  Albany Dental News

Whitening treatments to suit every patient

It's no secret that no two people are alike - and this line of thinking also rings true when it comes to whitening treatments. What works for one individual may not work for another, and there are numerous considerations that dental care providers need to bear in mind when making recommendations fo... Continue reading

Tags:  Teeth Whitening

How to Lower Your Child’s Risk of Developing Dental Caries

Tooth decay or dental caries is a common dental problem, especially among babies and children. Left untreated, a decayed tooth can inflict pain in the short term and lead to future problems like infections, abscesses, jaw pains and gastrointestinal disorders. Like many other chronic diseases, early ... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips,  Tooth Decay

Treatments for Chipped or Broken Teeth

Most people associate a cosmetic dentist with the diagnosis and treatment of purely aesthetic issues. While that is largely true, you may not be aware that some cosmetic treatments are used to deal with emergency situations as well. One of the most common dental emergencies is that of chipped or bro... Continue reading

Tags:  Dental Bonding,  Porcelain Veneers,  White Fillings

CDBS Reinstated: Your Child’s Dental Benefits Intact

The Government previously announced its intention to close the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) to take effect from 1 July 2016. The $2.7 billion Commonwealth-funded program, launched in January 2014, was supposed to make way for the Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme, a $2.1 billion project ... Continue reading

Tags:  CDBS

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry And How Can I Benefit From It?

A dentist used to be the person you would only see when you had a toothache or when you needed to fill a cavity. Those were the days when most people would limit the work of dentists to very mechanical tasks like drilling and filling. This utilitarian approach to dentistry has undergone an extensive... Continue reading

Tags:  Dental Implants,  Porcelain Veneers,  Teeth Whitening

Post-Care Tips For Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are considering wisdom teeth removal surgery, there are a few important post-operative tips that will help to make your healing process as safe and pleasant as possible. First of all, it is important to understand the root cause of the pain. In some cases, the wisdom tooth erupts partially or... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips,  Wisdom Teeth

A Guide to Protecting Your Baby's Teeth

When you have a baby you are generally bombarded with new information, many of which you had not even considered. One that often falls between the cracks is looking after your baby’s teeth. ... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Common mistakes when brushing or flossing

As far back as you can remember, you have been brushing and flossing your teeth. You must have gotten pretty good at it, right? Actually, the reverse may sometimes be true. In fact, it may be precisely those ingrained habits that we perform routinely on a subconscious level that we take most for gra... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

Healthy dental habits for children

If you want your children to avoid complicated dental procedures in the latter years of their life, it is important to impart the proper dental habits when they are still young. Contrary to popular understanding, oral care starts even prior to the eruption of the first milk tooth. In fact, starting ... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health Tips

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