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Ever wondered how celebrities achieve that perfect smile with flawless looking teeth? Dental veneers are one of the best-kept beauty secrets that promise an instant makeover for a natural and beautiful smile. If you want to improve your smile, call us on (07) 3264 9590 and ask about porcelain or resin veneers.

Introducing dental veneers

If having stained, chipped or cracked teeth is preventing you from having a gorgeous smile, fret not. Dental veneers promise a fast and painless way to make your teeth look pristine and perfectly sculpted. No complicated surgery. Dental veneers are as effortless a solution as they are effective!

Dental veneers are gaining immense popularity as a highly versatile cosmetic solution. They are not only great for improving the appearance of your teeth, they also protect your pearlies from further damage. Veneers are designed to hide your dental flaws – behind a thin layer of restorative material – making them ideal for re-aligning the appearance or evening out the surface of your teeth.

The results of applying dental veneers are simply remarkable. You will be amazed at how dental veneers can totally transform the appearance of your teeth and smile.

To find out how getting a dream smile is easy with Dental veneers, call Albany Dental, your Brisbane dentists, at (07) 3264 9590 for more details.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are custom-made tooth shells that are used to hide dental flaws. When applied over the enamel of the teeth, they effectively cover up cracks, chips and unsightly gaps. They are also used to correct the appearance of teeth that have lost the desired shape, form or colour.

Veneers are either made from ceramic, porcelain or resin-based composite material. With proper care and maintenance, the stain-resistant veneers are able to last for many years.

Veneers treatment and procedures

It takes approximately three visits to apply dental veneers made from ceramic. During the initial visit, the dentist would groom the patient’s teeth to ensure a perfect fit. That involves removing enamel on the front and sides of the patient’s teeth. The dentist would take an impression of the prepared teeth, for the purpose of duplicating the exact shape and size of the tooth-like shells in the dental laboratory.

On the second visit, the fabricated veneers are placed over the patient’s teeth to check for size, shape and position. If there are no discrepancies found, the veneers are then bonded to the teeth using dental cements. Subsequent visits may be necessary to make further modifications or adjustments to the placement of the veneers.

Unlike their ceramic counterparts, composite veneers may be placed within a single visit. The procedure is more straightforward as it does not involve the fabrication process at the dental lab. Instead, the dentist simply applies the tooth-coloured composite material directly onto the patient’s teeth, after which he hardens it with a special curing light. To give them a natural and beautiful finish, the dentist would then polish and adjust the veneers to fit the patient’s teeth.

Who needs dental veneers?

Dental veneers are usually recommended as a cosmetic solution for patients who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth. However, they are also popularly used for other applications.

Discoloured teeth

There are many causes for tooth discolouration, such as excessive fluoride exposure, staining from drugs like tetracycline, large resin fillings, etc. Dental veneers offer a restorative option for discoloured teeth that may not be whitened by any other type of treatment. The aesthetic properties of veneers make them the obvious choice to treat discoloured teeth. You can pick out the exact colour for the veneers to blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

One sure sign of ageing is yellowed teeth. As we grow older, the enamel surface of our teeth becomes thinner hence more translucent, allowing the underlying dentin’s yellowish colour to become more apparent. Now with veneers, you not only get to conceal your yellowish teeth from view, you’re cheating your age in style!

Tooth reshaping

Dental veneers provide the ideal treatment for perfectly normal and healthy teeth that require cosmetic augmentation in shape or appearance. For example, you may wish to lengthen your front teeth to make your canines more prominent. Veneers present an effective method for the reshaping of your teeth to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Worn out edges

If your teeth are worn out along the edges, they tend to look prematurely old. Veneers instantly give your pearlies a smooth yet sculpted look that you’ll be proud to show off to everyone!

A thin layer of dental veneer is all it takes to redefine the beauty of your smile.

Veneers cost Brisbane

Porcelain veneers cost

  1 Veneer 2 Veneers 4 Veneers 6 Veneers 8 Veneers
Preparation: Item no 583 $646 $1292 $2261 $3230 $4199
Appointment Fit and Check $646 $1292 $2261 $3230 $4199
Appointment 3 Review          
Cost of Veneers $1,292 $2,584 $4,522 $6,460 $8,398

Composite Veneers are prepared and fitted at a single visit. The tooth is prepared and the dentist then ‘builds-up’ the veneer from composite resin, defining the shape and thickness as required. Composite veneers are the most economical solution however they do not have the durability of porcelain and they are more susceptible to deterioration and often require more maintenance and more frequent replacement.

Composite veneers cost

  1 Veneer 2 Veneers 4 Veneers 6 Veneers 8 Veneers
Preparation & Fit: Item no 582 $475 $950 $1662 $2375 $3087
Appointment 2 Review no charge          

Porcelain veneers are not designed to replace or function as a tooth, they are for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. Often teeth you don’t find pleasing in appearance can affect your self-esteem and inhibit social and professional interactions.

When considering Porcelain Veneers, more than one consultation with the dentist may be required. The first consultation or two will involve discussing how you want your tooth/teeth to appear and the doctor will establish if your teeth satisfy the requirements to support a porcelain Veneer. This may involve X-Rays of your teeth and gums.

A patient must;

  • Have good periodontal and oral health.
  • Be committed to proper oral care and hygiene
  • Have specific cosmetic goals, which they can articulate to their dentists at their initial consultations, as well as realistic expectations
  • Have a sufficient amount of healthy enamel, as dentists usually remove a thin layer of enamel before placing veneers

To find out more about one of modern dentistry’s cosmetic wonders, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

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