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Are you self-conscious about the gaps in your teeth?

At Albany Dental, we offer a range of denture solutions that can help to restore the functions and natural appearance of your original teeth.

For more information on the types of dentures and teeth replacement services we provide, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

An extensive tooth loss condition is more than just an appearance issue. Besides helping you to speak clearly and chew your food, your teeth also provide support to your lips and cheeks. When other treatment options fail to preserve your natural teeth, dentures provide a great alternative to restore the functions and appearance of healthy teeth.

Dentures are artificial prostheses that are ideal for the replacement of missing teeth. They are designed – and measured – to fit snugly in the mouth of patients. Depending on the type of dentures you use, they can normally be removed as and when required. Millions of edentulous (lacking teeth) patients are wearing dentures for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Today’s patients have more types of dentures to choose from and they are more likely to find a denture that is designed for their specific needs. Modern technology has also made the artificial teeth look more natural and last longer.

At Albany Dental, we offer a choice of full, partial or implant-retained dentures. You can also decide between a fixed or removable type of the dental appliance. Our experienced dentists are fully equipped to deal with your tooth loss situation, and will recommend the best option possible to meet your individual needs and budgets.

For more information on the types of dentures and teeth replacement services we provide, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used in cases where the patient’s entire set of teeth on either jaw has been removed. A full denture can help to fill out the space left by the missing teeth, and hold up facial muscles to present a more appealing appearance. They are also useful in restoring the functions of the original teeth such as speaking, swallowing, chewing and smiling. The 3 types of complete dentures are conventional, immediate and implant retained.

Conventional dentures are typically made about 8 to 12 weeks following the removal of the natural teeth – about the time the gum tissues begin to heal. Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are given to the patient immediately after the extraction of their remaining teeth. They are meant to be a temporary fix while allowing the stitches in the gums to heal and the swelling to reduce. This way, the wearer will not appear “toothless” during the healing period. However, they are generally used as intermediate prostheses to be replaced by conventional dentures.

Partial Dentures

When you are missing a tooth, your remaining teeth on either side may move out of their position or drift, causing damage to the soft tissues in your mouth. The void space also increases the risk of gum diseases and tooth decays. Removable partial dentures are among the most common and popular cosmetic treatments available to counter the effects of missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth that are attached to a pink-coloured acrylic base (gum), which in turn latches onto your remaining teeth for support.

Partials usually take about 4 to 5 visits to install. The procedure involves the taking of X-rays and creating teeth impressions, from which the dentures are measured and shaped. The partials are then checked for shape and fit, before further adjustments are made and the appliance can be worn comfortably.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental implants are small titanium posts that serve as artificial roots upon which the prosthetic teeth are anchored. For tooth loss patients with enough bone in their jaws to support the placement of dental implants, an implant-retained denture may be the best option. Implant-retained dentures are permanently affixed and they provide a very strong and stable teeth replacement option. By comparison, conventional dentures are not as stable – especially for the replacement of teeth in the lower jaw – and lack the functional qualities of their implant-retained counterparts.

Despite the growing popularity and success of implant-supported dentures, they are not for everyone. This can be seen from the fact that millions of edentulous patients still opt for conventional dentures. That said, implant-retained dentures are fast becoming the de facto standard simply because to the wearer, they look and feel like natural teeth.

Denture Repairs

No matter how well made or robust your removable dentures are, they will gradually wear down after prolonged use. From simple relining of your prosthesis to creating an entirely new base, we are able to maintain and repair your dentures so that you won’t have to make a new one or put up with the inconveniences.

Note: Do not attempt to repair a broken denture yourself. Without specialised knowledge, tools and materials, your home repaired denture would be imprecise and may not fit your specific mouth structure.

Albany Dental offers a wide selection of denture products and services for you to choose from. To find out which teeth replacement solution best suits your particular needs and budget, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

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