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With Invisalign, no one has to know that you are wearing braces.

Using special clear plastic aligners, Invisalign lets you straighten your teeth without ever drawing unwanted attention to your orthodontic treatment. To find out more about this modern teeth straightening system, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

If you have been avoiding orthodontic treatment because you’re afraid of wearing metal braces, we’ve got a solution for you. With Invisalign’s virtually invisible braces – known as aligners – you can now undergo the teeth straightening process without anybody ever finding out.

Unlike traditional wire braces that unwittingly advertise the fact that you are getting your teeth fixed, you may prefer a low-key approach using Invisalign’s custom-designed, transparent aligners. Invisalign represents the modern approach to aligning your teeth. Although there are other new products and techniques available on the market, few can rival the comfort or aesthetic appeal of the Invisalign system.

The aligners are designed to fit your individual set of teeth for optimum comfort and effectiveness. Aided by advanced 3D imaging and sophisticated treatment planning software, the system maps out and projects the exact minute movements of your teeth at each stage of treatment. While this represents a more precise and individualised treatment, the computer-aided process also significantly shortens the treatment time and reduces patient involvement.

With Invisalign, you can save both time and energy to achieve straight and beautiful teeth! For a fast and discreet way to straighten your teeth, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a computer-aided teeth-straightening system that uses transparent braces known as aligners. Treatment involves the placement of a series of aligners over the patient’s teeth. This procedure is repeated periodically throughout the treatment process. In gradual increments, each new aligner applies minute forces to progressively move the teeth to their desired position.

The Invisalign treatment is straightforward and relatively painless. Any person who has misaligned teeth may be a suitable candidate for the treatment. Although it does not treat all orthodontic cases, Invisalign is indicated for common teeth misalignment issues like overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, crossbites and widely spaced teeth.

Treatment results and duration varies from case to case, largely depending on the severity of misalignment and the person’s dental condition. It can take anywhere between a month to a year to achieve the desired straightening results.

Why should I choose Invisalign?

It is becoming abundantly clear why so many patients around the world are turning to Invisalign as a treatment of choice for straightening their teeth. While Invisalign’s increased popularity has much to do with its “invisible” aligners, the clear braces are certainly not the system’s only claim to fame. Here are some of Invisalign’s best-loved features and benefits:

Clear braces

The only thing about your orthodontic treatment that you wish to be noticed is the beautiful result. Until your teeth are straight and beautiful, chances are, you would not want to draw unnecessary attention to the work-in-progress. This is where Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners come in. The aligners are a lot less noticeable in your mouth, as compared to traditional braces – such as the highly conspicuous silver coloured metal brackets and bands. No one will notice your Invisalign aligners, even when they are talking to you in close proximity. Between a loud or discreet way of straightening your teeth, the choice is clear.

Shorter treatment times

One of the major drawbacks of orthodontic treatment is the lengthy time frame. On average, traditional orthodontic treatments require between two to three years to achieve the desired outcomes. Using computer-aided technology to design the specialised aligners, the Invisalign technique not only requires a less involved process, it generally takes less than a year to complete the treatment, depending on the individual case.

Removable, comfortable aligners

Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your individual set of teeth. The unique design of the aligners, with their smooth edges, makes them gentle on the cheeks, lips and gums.

The aligner may be removed daily allowing the wearer to eat normally and clean the appliance with great ease. Invisalign aligners are also the more hygienic option, as compared to traditional braces. Patients wearing fixed braces often have to avoid eating certain types of foods as they fear the food particles getting trapped in the crevices between the wires and brackets. Invisalign’s removable orthodontic appliance makes it easy for the wearer to eat, brush and floss as they normally would.

Invisalign offers the modern and discreet way to achieving straight and beautiful teeth. To find out how Invisalign can treat your misaligned teeth, call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590.

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