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Albany Dental QIP Accreditation

There are many factors to consider when choosing a dental practice. Beyond looking for a clinic that will help cater to you and your families dental healthcare needs, you should look for a reputable practice that puts your safety, interests and patient care first.

To help you make an informed decision, you should consider whether the dentists in your local North Brisbane area and clinical staff maintain a high level of safety and are adhering to high quality standards. Knowing your dental specialists adhere to high standards can give you the peace of mind when undergoing a treatment, especially if the procedure is highly complex or involved.

At Albany Dental, we constantly evaluate and address these questions because we know that it’s our responsibility to ensure your safety and quality care whenever you are using our products and services. This commitment is best expressed through our valued association with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP).

What is QIP Accreditation?

QIP accreditation is awarded to private dental practices in recognition of their demonstrated ability to integrate National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards as a routine aspect of their practice culture and patient safety. The NSQHS Standards harmonise healthcare regulations passed down by both State and Federal governments. They represent a nationally recognised code of practice.

What does the QIP Accreditation mean to us?

As a QIP accredited dental clinic in North Brisbane, Albany Dental has demonstrated its ability and willingness to uphold professional dental care and safety standards in accordance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. The accreditation is based upon our practice of consistent standards across quality patient care and enhanced patient safety.

The QIP Accreditation is an independent recognition for privately-owned healthcare establishments based on a defined criteria and set of standards. It serves as a nationally recognised quality assurance label for private practices that have fulfilled the prevailing quality standards and their continued efforts to evaluate and improve upon existing performance-based protocols and systems.

Albany Dental is proud to be associated with QIP as it represents our:

  • high standards of clinical and patient safety
  • improvement of standards and processes which is consistent throughout our practice culture
  • efficiency as an organisation that believes-in and rewards quality staff performance
  • demonstrated ability to lower clinical and general risks
  • compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

The accreditation also aims to be progressive, in terms of ongoing improvement to policies and procedures that govern dental practices. The accreditation not only provides an emblem of quality assurance to patients and customers of our clinic, it also exemplifies our ongoing commitment to the welfare of our staff, colleagues and peers.

At Albany Dental, we foster a work environment and practice culture that emphasises on teamwork, organisational efficiency, health and safety, staff welfare and training.

What does our QIP Accreditation mean to you?

It is sometimes difficult for a patient to assess the safety/quality or care standards of a private practice. The QIP accreditation is a nationally recognised certification that provide patients with a safety and quality service benchmark, which they are able to evaluate an organisation’s adherence to prevailing standards and protocols.

Since the QIP Accreditation is awarded based on the practice’s demonstrated integration of a set of NSQHS Standards, it qualifies as a professional endorsement that is unbiased and independent. As an unbiased yardstick, it compares favourably to word-of-mouth or online forum user remarks that are not always free of prejudice or biases.

Ultimately, it gives both our patients and staff the peace of mind that they are associated with a practice that is committed to safety, quality and excellence.

When you choose Albany Dental, you’re choosing a practice that employs dentists and staff that are educated in the implementation of dental systems and improvement of dental processes within their practice. You can expect a team that is working consistently and tirelessly to reduce your clinical and general risks.

At Albany Dental, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have demonstrated our commitment to provide excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement.

If you have any questions about any aspects of our safety policies and protocols, please call Albany Dental at (07) 3264 9590. For more information on QIP Accreditation, please visit the QIP website.

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Albany Dental is now QIP accredited. For more information about what this means for you, click here.